I was reading the translation of siri 
raag by sant singh khalsa

I came across the following in english translation of sri raag by sant singh khalsa

punjabi words in english translation such as hukam, darshan, baba, maya. to an english only knowing person these are confusing words unless they are explained at the bottom of the page, which is not. doing this way it misrepresents the real meaning. it is a disservice to the granth sahib and to the reader. it is internet age. so please take note. it should be corrected and replaced with english words.

next point ; he uses section and part

such as section 05 part 004.

if anyone has to compare this to the actual writing in sri guru granth sahib. it is impossible. they are not in sri guru granth sahib. So what can the reader do. it is up to sant shingh khalsa to ractify it.