What is paath? Please contribute to the answer.

Lot of people know that reciting of certain section of granth sahib is reciting path. It is just a custom. Although it is better to recite path than doing nothing. Doing path alone does not take u anywhere. it just becomes a ritual. Granth sahib is written in order to eliminate rituals. but those who do daily path become ritualistic. What should actually be done is to read understand and then act on it. In order to accomplish it i guess one can understand it if it is done slowly. so do the path very slowly and try to understand sentence by sentence if not then refer to other related books of translation of that path. so it has to be very slow in order to understand it. then comes to act on it. it is even more slower process. one has to ask the mind will you act on it? then act on it. other than this if one recites path at a very high speed does not gain any thing. In fact it has been seen that some who do daily path some times become egotistic. that is even worse than not doing it. because ego is against the divine rules.