someone here has written there are five realms in the system. This is where it gets ugly. How does he know about the five realms.Has he gone and seen those? No; he has not seen those. He read from somewhere and wrote for us to contemplate and get lost. Why is it necessary for scholars to make the people forget what they want to know and need to know; that is the true path to divinity. In today's computer age the things to be explained clearly because it spreads fast and people understand it. so if u want to put silly comments; better be willing to answer?

let us discus it here. sach means true and khand means the place or land. Further; where everything is true and that is the Godly place or place where God lives or makes everything true or if he is true makes everyone true. That means it might be place where first God considers any one worthy of his grace and then bestows his grace and makes the entitiy or the person the dweller of true land or become divine. Why take the courage of writing what you do not understand, if you understand then write such a way that people understand it and try to follow it. tks

put your answer?