Firstly the divine knowledge is to know yourself, straighten your mind. Every religion or so called saint claim to be divine. Unless your mind is straightened up, no one can become divine

Every religion has a scripture which they call as the divine book. I read every religious book and found most of them are the story books loaded with code of conduct. The code of conduct which one was born with and lost after birth due to worldly attachments. but there is one religious book which has all the divine knowledge. There are no stories in is the book written in classical poetry which is completely balanced. It can be sung. It does not differentiate between genders (Most of the religious books do) It does not differentiate between cast or creed. It is written by the people of three religions. I can say with confidence that his book is the book of this civilization or this history in this field. And that is

Sri guru granth sahib; the sikh religious scripture. Edit

Read and compare with any religious scripture and find out. Put your answer back because i read every religious scripture and we will compare. be honest.Edit